Berry Basket Calendar

I create several different types of calendars for the New Year to give to family members and friends.  This year I was inspired by a Pinterest posting of using a paper berry basket to create a perpetual calendar.  So the thinking began!  First I had to find the right size index cards to cut in half to fit inside the basket.  Then how to add a date for each card for each month.  That would be a lot of date stamp stamping.  My computer savvy husband printed out a tiny date label for each card-365! or 366 days!  I found some bright printed paper for the dividers and then attached them to a piece of heavier card stock.  I then printed out a tag for each month, punched them out and added a scallop circle to each divider.  I supported the bottom of the basket with several heavy pieces of matt board and tucked them inside before I added index cards and dividers.  I sponged on some distress ink in a light green to the white basket and added a white ribbon.  I will be teaching this class as a project at Scrapbook Cove in October.  Should be a fun class.  I love the way it came out.  The thinking and planning was the hardest part!


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