Painted Circles and Hearts!

Here is a fun way to use paint as the medium to create your card.  Find an old book page, I used an old dictionary page and took out my assortment of tubes of acrylic paints.  My paint brush today was cotton swabs. Cheap and easy to find.  Use a found object that you can use to use for the accent circle. I used the cover from a plastic tube that I had from washi tape. Squeeze out a dollop of paint from each of the colors, I used about 6 different colors.  Use a cotton swab for each color paint, and create a small circle  on the printed page.  I was symmetrical my first attempt and random the next time.  I continued to add colors around the middle and then around the next color. I stopped when I had the look I wanted.  When the circles were dry, I painted the cover of the plastic tube with black paint and stamped each painted circle, moving and overlapping each time I stamped.  I added gold and black specks for accents.  When the page was dry I cut the page to fit on a card. I experimented using hearts as well.  Give it a try.  I was inspired by a you tube clip from ‘cat hands’.  Nice to use a different medium.

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