Perfect Paper Pumpkins and an Apple, too!

Even though it is the middle of summer  with plenty of hot days still ahead, I have been working on a fall paper project.  I created simple but cute paper pumpkins and one red apple sample.  Heavier weight paper works better and double sided as well.  Circles and paper strips are the supplies you will need.  I used a variety of theme printed paper to cut seven circles for each pumpkin and for the apple.  Circles were either four  inches for the smaller one or five inches..  Fold each circle in half  and glue the outside sides together to form  the shape.  Add a twisted paper bag stem, vine and some accent leaves.  Cute!  For the other pumpkin, I cut 12 1″ strips from a 12″ piece of paper.  Punch a small hole in each strip both top and bottom.  Line them up so the holes are all in the same place.  Put a colored brad through all of the pieces top and bottom.  Now fan out the pieces to create a ball shape.  Again, add a paper bag stem, curly q vine and some leaves.  Perfect for a fall display!paper pumpkins.JPG

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