AECP Assignment All About Layering 1 Gallery 17

Each lesson was inspirational to learn about techniques that use stamps that were layering sets.  I watched all of the video tutorials and sometimes watched them  again.  I found as a beginner layering stamper,  using the pencil guidelines very helpful.  This helped me practice and practice again.  I also checked out the homework posts from other stampers which was also very helpful as well. I was inspired  by the posts.

I also found using the MISTI stamping platform very helpful when I was stamping multiple layered flowers and leaves.  I watched an Altenew post on Instagram that reviewed the same helpful techniques.  I used both ideas  to practice layering and then select the stamped images  that were the best, die cut those and  used them in my card.  I ordered a set of the gradient shades of pink mini ink pads.  This was extremely helpful when stamping all of the layers of  the antique roses  and leaves.  The rich shades of color was great. I found that numbering each mini cube very helpful and was a great guide and that helped to select the right color of ink for each layered stamp of the rose.   I used some green ink for the leaves that I had in my ink supplies and that worked well.

I also learned about layouts,  design elements and how to add those little details that make a difference.    These helpful tips helped me to create a well balanced card and includes visual interest. and a focus area.  I used the element of three for the roses and leaf clusters.  I added a layered die cut square from  gold glitter paper, a stenciled gradient dot stencil from Altenew, a stamped word sentiment from Altenew  and a few Nuvo drops for visual interest.

I feel more confident about using layering stamps, but still a work in progress.  So glad I found a helpful teaching  tool to learn new techniques and refer to again and again.

Here is my card for the final project All About Layering 1 class AECP Group 17 /Gallery Post-

Nancy S Layering 1 lesson 10
Nancy Souza AEC”P Group 17 All About Layering 1 Final Project

These additional card photos are  some additional cards that I created using the antique rose layered stamps and dies, zinnia layered  stamps and dies and layered leaves.  I have also posted these cards on my Instagram page as well along with several other cards for homework for the All About Layering 1 Class.




4 thoughts on “AECP Assignment All About Layering 1 Gallery 17”

  1. Your cards are stunning!! Can you add a larger photo or a clickable photo? The first photo is not clickable and its really small. All your cards look beautiful and your colour choices are great too!
    Thank you for entering your work to the AECP assignment gallery. Well done!

    1. Oh thank you!!!! I’ll enlarge the first one that was my primary gallery submission. Your comment made me so happy. I was anxiously waiting to hear from you. I will wait to hear from you for the final project for layering 1 before I move on to layering 2. I have a few more cards posted on my Instagram page. Thanks again!!!

  2. Hi Nancy. I love that first card. I love the colors you chose, the glittery frame, and the fading dots background. I am one of your classmates in Group 17 by the way. I just wanted to make the rounds and see everyone’s projects and give some love and support, as we are all in the same boat! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve made. I’m woefully behind, so I’ll be back to comment after I’ve finished Layering 2. Enna.

    1. Hi Enna thanks for writing. What a great surprise to read your comment and to reach out to me. Your idea of taking a look at the Gallery 17 posts is a great idea. I’ll try that too. Glad you liked my cards. I am ready to create cards for Layering 2. Should be a bit easier after practicing Layering 1 techniques. The rest of the classes should be less challenging. I have watched most of the videos already. I think I’ll do them in order so I don’t forget a class. Many thanks. Maybe we can share ideas!! Talk soon. Happy stamping. Nancy. 😊

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